FHS 1 year on - edited


FHS celebrated its first anniversary in January this year and we’re pleased to say that we’ve had a great year.  We’ve had some interesting projects as well; working on boats, airports, even on the rooves of London skyscrapers to name but a few. FHS are continuing to grow and expand their service offerings, along with expanding the team.

New innovative services and products are now ready to meet the demands of a continually evolving industry and providing added value for our ever-increasing client base.

For 2019 we’ve already had a great start to the year and anticipate this to continue.  FHS now offer pipework and tank pressure testing, along with leak detection and pump installations. In addition to this we’ve sourced a new innovative pipework system, which sets us apart from our competitors and offers our clients an impressive new pipework installation solution.

Director of FHS, Gavin Russell, says “We are excited to be growing steadily and are looking forward to delivering quality and value in 2019 and beyond”.