Planned Preventative Maintenance Solutions (PPM)

Choosing the right strategy

We recommend fuel is tested on a regular basis and Fuel Hygiene Solutions maintenance and service schedules can be adapted to each individual client. Clean fuel does not stay clean and since FAME percentages are on the increase, fuel testing and conditioning schedules have become important to safeguard equipment from failures and down time. Even clean bio-diesel attracts water due to being hydroscopic and water encourages Microbial growth. There are many expensive alleged solutions on the market claiming to be a magic fix, adding to the confusion and misinformation, so we have decided to take a more common-sense approach, based on our own vast experience, research and largely tried and tested technologies and methods. Options for dealing with diesel fuel problems on a longer term basis include tank cleaning and regular fuel testing.

Each situation is different, so contact us for an individual conversation about you requirements.

To tackle these fuel problems our customers now benefit from our specialist polishing and planned preventative maintenance service which helps customers reduce the risks associated with fuel contamination. This includes comprehensive measures for testing and monitoring microbial bacteria, particulate contamination and excessive water all to within industry recommended standards.

This provides a scientific approach, based on fuel quality analysis and the implementation of solutions designed to inhibit the growth of contamination. Regular testing detects water, microbiological and particulate contamination before it reaches dangerous levels. Good clean fuel can be degraded to unusable levels in less than 3 months.