Service Contracts

Annual inspections

We offer full servicing for all fuel equipment including calibration and installations of gauges and alarms to meet all requirements and legislation to suit the clients’ individual needs.  We also include fuel sampling and testing services that can be included or run alongside. The fuel sampling and testing will be carried out by fully trained operatives and adhere to BS EN 590 and SAE:J1488, 2010-10.

Maintenance and callout/response services

Fuel needs to be tested on a regular basis to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns or failures, this is critical for back-up generators that supply power back-up systems to Data Centres, Hospitals and all other vital services.

Stored fuel should be tested every 3 months or every 6 months if a filtration system has already been installed. Once we have sampled the fuel and determined why there are issues that are causing the fuel to fall below the acceptable standards; then we can carry out fuel polishing on site using our mobile filtration unit, that meets the BS 5410 and SAE: J 1488 2010-10 criteria. We can also supply and install fixed filtration rigs to your current installation that will help keep your fuel hygiene at a high standard with little maintenance.

Please contact us if you require further information, on any of our products or services. FHS are confident we can offer you a suitable, cost effective solution.

Photo showing an example Filtration Rig